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2020v2016 Comparison of Latino (Hispanic) Vote for President Trump

The 1st approach is taking counties which have the highest density of Latino population like Webb, Starr, Maverick etc in that county, ideally about 90% of these counties identify as Hispanic/Latino based on the 2018 ACS.   The 2nd approach was to check and see in counties where the number

TrueFairNews Remembers the fallen on 9/11!

In this somber moment in the nation's history, we pledge to remind people of this great nation and of all the world that in the lives that were lost on that day and from that on in this war of terror, has broken the hearts on all sides.  The foolishness

Be pre-eminent among its kind, to be held in high esteem by many people because it always works for the good of people and speaks up for the welfare of all.

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